Ballet and dog grooming.  These two words may not seem to gel, right? But, it  has been a source of constant inspiration in my life. How is that so?   How can I blend these two words into a synergy? What's the common ground?

I  began my classical ballet at the age of four.  From pre-primary to  intermediate grade, going through many hours of practice,  examinations, changing costumes in between performances, hairspray ,  makeup,  injuries and friendships, had instilled values in me.  These  values includes patience, discipline, determination, dedication and  desire for excellence.

With  all these positive values, my aspiration now is to become a dog groomer  with an added touch of patience, passion and professionalism.  I  believe grooming isn't about getting the job done, rather getting the  best results making clients fully contented and dogs happy when they go  home.  I am a certified dog groomer, experienced and will take the time  to understand a client's need.  If you're looking for a dog groomer who  is pro active and listens, or who you could brainstorm with, then  perhaps you've just found the right person. 

Behind  every good dancer, there is a devoted family.  My mum has been working  for Adele's Doggie Daycare for many years and I volunteer there too.   Together, we have handled many breeds of dogs from Chi Hua Hua,  Yorkshires, Pomeranians, Boston Terriers, Cocker Spaniels to Golden  Retriever and many more.